Web Based Customer Call and Work Order System


Unanswered phone calls often mean that current residents become upset and move out or that new people donít move in.

Work orders that donít get done quickly result in resident unhappiness and serious unit damage and cost.

Phone calls kept on post it notes and inefficient tools for managing work order staff and vendors result in significant cash losses.

The Ievillage features, Customer Call and Work Order, help eliminate these problems.

Customer Calls

Every phone called logged and assigned for action the moment it arrives. A history of the actions taken on each call provides invaluable information for assessing productivity and anticipating problems.

We import resident and unit data from your current system which stays in place. You may construct custom reports from the web that show every thing about the calls received over any period of time. You may export the reports to Excel and build even more customized reports.

Work Orders

Create or review every work order on the web. Supervisors use the system for assigning work orders and managing staff and vendor resources. Automatic emails notify the affected staff or vendor of a new assignment or a change in a current work order.

Customizable reports show information on individual and groups of work orders including for example:
  • Customer Contact Information.
  • Current status.
  • Time and Date assigned and completed.
  • Staff or Vendor assigned.
  • Labor, parts, and equipment use and cost.
  • Manufacture warranty data.
  • Reserve for Replacement repair work.

Important Features of Both Systems:
  • We train your staff and provide continuous support for the application.

  • They are web based and therefore operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your staff may record calls and work orders during the day and your answering service can use the same system after hours. Both use the same system so you donít have to integrate two different sets of information.

  • Keep your current information system. We link with it and create the web interface that imports your data.

  • They are secure. Our systems are hosted by Verio and include firewalls, 24 hour a day monitoring services and daily backups.
Click here to experience the live demo.

For login, use "admin" for both the username and password. After logging in, click on "Work Order".
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